Hosting partner: ASmallOrange

We highly recommend the North Carolina-based company for all hosting needs. Their servers are stable and up-to date and their staff is efficient, personal and can be reached online 24 hours a day.

E-Newsletter mailing partner: SwiftPage

Masters of the mass emailing, SwiftPage has helped send millions of emailed newsletters. Because of its high standard of ethics, it is recognized as an organization that helps communicate with clients and prospects via email without crossing the line into blatant spamming. Its reporting functions offer valuable marketing data. Learn how LotusGrafix can help you design your SwiftPage newsletter

Printing partner in Montreal:

For high quality folder and business card printing, Montreal Printing is the printer of choice. They are the soup nazi of printing with very specific printing file requirements and orders that can only be processed once a week and only come in very large quantities. But for all its quirks it delivers the highest quality products. Montreal Printing delivers anywhere in Canada and the US when graphic designs are ordered for print via LotusGrafix.

The best CMS, and it's FREE too!
Most CMS projects developped by LotusGrafix use the Drupal Open Source files and add-on modules. Don't let the words Free Open Source fool you. This platform is used by very serious web designers ( is a Drupal site --- Disclaimer: Not our site!! :) ) Point is: Drupal allows you to develop a highly complex site on a small budget. What used to cost thousands can now cost hundreds. Ask us how we can install a Drupal site and customize it for your business.