Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my materials after the delivery?

Our clients are handed complete ownership of the print-ready as well as working files that are created and approved. Any designs that were not approved remain the property of LotusGrafix. All files that are used by the client and paid for are their property.

LotusGrafix registered my domain name for me, who owns it?

You do. Domains purchased on your behalf are your property and this even though we do sometimes register them under our name to qualify for bulk rates. Registrations can be transferred to your name upon request but LotusGrafix will no longer monitor your domain renewals.

I already have a hosting company that I deal with. Can you build a site with them?

The sites we build, specifically the e-commerce ones have specific SQL, PHP and memory requirements and for that reason, we prefer to use our usual hosting company ( This decision is ultimately made on a case by case basis but if you are planning on getting a site developed with us, we recommend you do not book your hosting plan beforehand but wait until we know what type of site will be required and the technical requirements entailed.