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  • Are you looking for a graphic design or professional web designer that has a personal approach. Would you like to work with a designer that listens to you, the client, when you describe your vision, your ideas?

    LotusGrafix has been built on a reputation for caring about client satisfaction and respecting what your particular requirements are. You want something sober and serious, we design serious. You want wild and funky, we do wild and funky. We adjust, we adapt to you.

  • LotusGrafix adapts and adjusts to YOUR needs. We don't impose our existing templates or our personal design style on your business. We think your business should have its own unique look and reflect its field and its customer-base.

We're merging!

LotusGrafix now works under the company name JASM Software Inc. This has allowed us to grow in new and exciting directions! For website design or for any other software development project contact us at sonya@timemuse.com.


LotusGrafix has demonstrated a strong understanding of the needs of the Sun-Rype business, including the ability to recommend ways to create cost savings while improving our connection to the end consumer through both language translation and a variety of online, and consumer communications. LotusGrafix is professional, creative, timely and creates exceptional value for the services provided.
Laurie Weisgarber
Sun-Rype Products Ltd

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